Our programs are  designed to inspire and support responsible and informed environmental stewards and citizen scientists.Students are encouraged to interact with their environment in respectful and novel ways. All programs are 1-2 hours long and meet core elements of the B.C. Science curriculum, in addition to other subjects.

Seaquaria’s interdisciplinary programs cater to many learning styles, and can be customized to fit the needs of your students and lesson plans. They also include complimentary pre-teaching and post-program extension resources.

Our programs cater to all learning levels and styles, and we love creating custom programs to meet the learning needs of students. For assistance with booking one of our programs, please call 778-430-7585 or email us at

Virtual Programs.

Let our Seaquaria educators bring the ocean into your classroom – remotely!


Mystery of the Missing Mussel


Coming Soon!

In-Class Programs.

Let our Seaquaria educators bring the ocean into your classroom! Students will engage with activities that allow them to explore and discover life on our coast while developing scientific and critical thinking skills.


Oysters in the Classroom

Grade 2-Grade 6

Learn about the only native oyster species in B.C. – the Olympia oyster! Our educators will guide students through activities where they will discover the ecosystem services provided by these oysters, factors that contribute to their ‘at-risk’ species status, and their interactions with other animals in the food web.




Program length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $150 plus GST

Sensational Sea

Preschool – Grade 6

Sensational Sea is designed to introduce students to marine invertebrates, seaweed and fish species on our coast. Through hands on exploration, students are able to experience the incredible biodiversity that the Pacific Northwest has to offer! Meet an animal that takes its stomach out of its body to eat lunch, and another that swims without any fins! This program focuses on the amazing adaptations intertidal invertebrates have developed to thrive in their habitat.

Program length: 1 hour

Cost: $140 plus GST

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Amazing Algae

Grade 2-Grade 6

Students become Junior Scientists to help our educators identify a mystery species. By gathering evidence at two stations, the Junior Scientists will deduce whether the mystery species is a red, green, or brown algae, or a vascular plant. They will also get to know some of the invertebrates that live amongst the algae and grasses.



Program length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $150 plus GST

Gorge Waterway Nature House Programs.

Meet our educators at the Gorge Waterway Nature House for a field trip! These programs take your class outside and into an ecologically and culturally important estuary.

Your Watershed and You

Grade 2-Grade 12

Your Watershed and You is a field-based program that introduces students to a local watershed through a series of hands on activities that emphasize the pivotal role that water plays in our lives.

Program length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $150 plus GST


Watershed StewARTship


This program is offered in conjunction with the Robert Bateman Centre and is currently in redevelopment. Stay tuned for more details!

Beach Programs.

Take a field trip with us to our local beaches! Students will have a unique chance to discover the wonders of our coastal sea life while exploring their local beach. Our customizable beach programs are suitable for students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Seashells by the Seashore

Grade 2-Grade 8

We believe that the best learning often happens outdoors and this field-based program is all about cultivating a love of learning through hands on exploration of local beaches.


Program length: 2 hours

Cost: $200 plus GST

looking for critters at the beach

Scientists on the Shore

Grade 9 – Grade 12

Scientists on the Shore is a field-based program designed to introduce students to basic intertidal sampling techniques and intertidal diversity.


Program length: 2 hours

Cost: $200 plus GST