The Team

Joachim (Yogi) Carolsfeld
Executive Director
Dr. Carolsfeld is originally from a small coastal town in BC, Canada. He obtained his PhD working with fish pheromones and reproduction, completed a Masters in invertebrate neurophysiology and an Honours in marine biology. His extensive experience includes working with fisheries, aquaculture, environmental surveys, boat mechanics, and SCUBA instruction. For the last decade, he has devoted his time to blending his diverse technical expertise with social sciences to design and implement multidisciplinary and multistakeholder projects that foster environmental conservation blended with equitable sustainable resource-based livelihoods. He has been Executive Director at WFT since mid-2006.
Catherine Carolsfeld
Co-Founder of Seaquaria Ocean Education

Cathy grew up in a small town in Ontario’s Banana Belt. Since then, she has lived, dived, studied, researched and taught biology from coast to coast to coast in Canada, and other parts of the world. From the get go, Cathy’s research interests were piqued by marine invertebrates. She has pursued her B.Sc., Honours and M.Sc. degrees at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Victoria. Her combination of academic and practical knowledge about local and global marine environments, firm belief in the power of partnerships and love of teaching is the backbone of her work. Over the past 40 years, Cathy co-founded and continues to oversee WestWind SeaLab Supplies, Canada’s longest-lived supplier of living marine organisms; and the Seaquaria Ocean Education programs. WestWind still provides the marine life to ensure that students of all ages can experience the magic of creatures as teachers, and Cathy applies her expertise to support the growing needs of the Seaquaria Ocean Education network.

Jillian Martin
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Jillian grew up in Ontario, where she spent her summers splashing in lakes. She was 24 when she first encountered the Pacific Ocean and it was love at first sight. After graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honours B.A. in Environmental Studies, she decided to make the move to the West Coast in 2016. Happiest with the sun on her face and her feet in the water, Jillian strongly believes in the value of place-based environmental education and feels extremely lucky to have as beautiful a place as Victoria to draw lessons from. Through Seaquaria Ocean Education she aims to develop children's knowledge of marine ecology, and inspire a sense of wonder and respect for the incredible environment of the Pacific Ocean.
Heather Wright
Research and Education Officer

Heather has lived in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island her entire life and grew up with a love of all the wild places the Island has to offer! She spent two Co-op terms with us through the Environmental Technology program at Camosun and fully joined the World Fisheries Trust team in June of 2018. Her time is split between our Seaquaria Ocean Education initiative and our domestic research projects monitoring the Olympia oyster population in the Gorge Waterway and assessing Cutthroat trout stocks in the Colquitz - Craigflower watersheds.