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Your donation will directly support our programs.

Our oceans and watersheds are greatly impacted by over-fishing, land-use change, and rising global temperatures.

To protect these amazing ecosystems, we need to educate our children and encourage empathy for all aquatic life. We must research to understand how marine life is affected by human activities. We must improve water quality in our urban waterways to protect the biodiversity still found there. We must develop small-scale, sustainable fishery models to prevent overuse of aquatic resources.

Your donation is instrumental in making all this happen.

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Sponsors become directly involved in connecting youths to the ocean!

Seaquaria Ocean Education would love to work with your company to determine the best way your sponsorship can benefit our programs and your business. Volunteer opportunities for staff, advertising, and program development are all sponsorship rewards we would love to discuss with you. 

Community Collaborations.

Seaquaria works with community organizations to bring ocean education to students and the general public.

We love working with our community to bring ocean education to events, functions, public spaces, schools, and education groups! If your organization or company would like to collaborate, please connect with us at