Become a Partner

Seaquaria depends on partner organizations, Parent Advisory Committees, and private sponsors like you to bring our educational programs to classes. These hands-on and active learning opportunities are needed for students to build meaningful connections with their natural world. By choosing to sponsor Seaquaria Ocean Education, your company is choosing to support our children’s future!

This is the annual cost for a school to host a Seaquarium in their school. This includes set-up/take- down, initial stocking, routine maintenance, and an introductory program for participating students.

Sponsor a school and they will receive a school wide Seaquaria in Schools program. This includes two full days of hands-on curriculum-relevant lessons led by local marine biologists.

Combining a classroom lesson with a field trip to the beach is an exciting way to full curriculum objectives.

These single lessons are adapted to meet the needs and interests of each class.

Thank you to our current sponsors!

Sponsorship Rewards

Seaquaria Ocean Education would love to work with your company to determine the best way your sponsorship can benefit our programs and your business. Volunteer opportunities for staff, advertising, and program development are all sponsorship rewards we would love to discuss with you.

If you are interested in sponsoring Seaquaria Ocean Education, please contact us at