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Saltwater aquaria and their ever-changing ecosystems are at the heart of Seaquaria programming. These aquaria provide a unique window into the local marine environment and offer a springboard for countless new learning opportunities. We offer a range of aquaria to ensure all children have the opportunity to benefit from this unique teaching tool.

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Seaquaria in Schools

A permanent aquarium over 60 gallons in size is placed in your school.

Seaquaria staff monitor the aquarium over the school year to ensure it is healthy and happy, and that it is well stocked with local animals. Because the aquarium is always present in the school, it is a valuable tool to weave environmental awareness into the students’ everyday lives – no matter the season. Learning outcomes are met easily and in an engaging fashion. As students care for their aquarium, they build an understanding and respect for the organisms in their care, and they develop the stewardship skills essential for the preservation of our natural resources.

What’s included?

  • Seaquarium
  • Annual servicing (including set up and take down at the start and end of each school term)
  • Emergency servicing and support
  • Animals, water, and extras
  • Introductory educational program
  • Access to online database of lesson plans, creature guides, and educator resources


  • Onetime cost of tank purchase and installation: approx. $5000
  • Annual set up, servicing and stocking fee: $1600

Mobile Seaquaria in the Community 

Are you planning a community celebration or an event focused on environmental awareness and conservation issues?

Let us bring the ocean to you with our Mobile Seaquarium – an interactive touch tank that gives your community an up-close and personal encounter with marine creatures great and small. Our marine educators will bring a large diversity of ocean animals from our local shores and facilitate related activities to promote environmental awareness, marine education, and community stewardship. Always a crowd-pleaser, our Mobile Seaquaria enhances learning while providing a truly unique and memorable experience.

  • On average $300/day