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Seaquaria Blog !

In addition to delivering hands-on education programs, Seaquaria wants to utilize our online platform to engage and inspire the community through storytelling. 

Our blog is here to share a diverse collection of voices involved with stewarding and educating about the marine environment, but more specifically the Salish Sea and its interconnected ecosystems.

Check out our different stories from guest bloggers. If you would like to contribute to our collection, please email education@seaquaria.org.

Algae: The Powerhouse of the Anemone

by Rachel McMahon
Did you know that Sea anemones have algae symbionts? Me neither. As soon as I caught wind of it, I knew I had to dig deeper. And so I did.

Getting to Know Who Lives in Our Big, Blue Backyard: The Value of Place-Based Ocean Education

by Kayla-Marie Kulczycki
I have always loved living by the ocean. The sight of the sparkling water in the sunlight and the deep colour of it during overcast days, the sound of the waves crashing rhythmically upon the shore, and even the smell of the sea carries a familiar comfort.

SṈIDȻEȽ (Tod Inlet) Restoration

by Zoe Cilliers
I do not speak the same language as the forest, or the ocean. I cannot ask the ocean, even in my best wavy, whaley warbel what it needs to get better. But I am trying to learn, and the best way to do that, I think, is to listen.

The Power of Getting to Know the Places Where We Live and Visit

by Roleen Sevillena
I discovered the power of getting to know the places where we live and visit, and how that can cultivate a deeper connectedness with the natural world. Place-based learning opportunities and exploration sparked my passion for experiential education and conservation – and continues to shape my life today.