We offer a wide variety of engaging, experiential and place-based education programs designed to build responsible and informed environmental stewards who have an emotional connection to the world around them. Our programs encourage students to interact with their environment in novel ways, while still meeting core elements of the BC Science curriculum.

Our programs cater to all learning levels and styles, and we love creating custom programs to meet the learning needs of students. Our programs take place at three locations, noted below.

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In Class

Sensational Sea

Preschool- Grade 2

The Sensational Sea is designed to introduce students to the marine invertebrates, seaweed and fish species on our coast. Through hands on exploration students are able to experience the incredible biodiversity that the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Program length: 1 hour
Cost: $140 plus GST

Great Adaptations

Grade 3 to Grade 6

Meet an animal that takes its stomach out of its body to eat lunch and another that eats using its feet! Great adaptations is all about the wacky and wonderful adaptations that marine organisms have evolved to thrive in their environment.

Program length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $150 plus GST

From Annelids to Zooplankton

Grade 5 to Grade 9

From Annelids to Zooplankton will introduce students to concepts of evolution by natural selection through a process of inquiry based scientific discovery. Students will cycle through touch basins and microscope stations and be introduced to a wide range of marine phyla!

Program length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $150 plus GST

Nature House cover

Gorge Waterway Nature House

Your Watershed and You

Your watershed and you

Grade 2 - Grade 12

Your Watershed and You is a field-based program that introduces students to a local watershed through a series of hands on activities that emphasize the pivotal role that water plays in our lives.

Program length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $150 plus GST

Watershed StewARTship


This program is offered in conjunction with the Robert Bateman Centre and is currently in redevelopment. Stay tuned for more details!

Local Beaches

Seashells by the Seashore

Water quality 101

Grade 2 - Grade 8

We believe that the best learning often happens outdoors and this field-based program is all about cultivating a love of learning through hands on exploration of local beaches.

Program length: 2 hours
Cost: $200 plus GST

Scientists on the Shore

Scientists on the shore

Grade 9 - Grade 12

Scientists on the Shore is a field-based program designed to introduce students to basic intertidal sampling techniques and intertidal diversity.

Program length: 2 hours
Cost: $200 plus GST


Elly Bushell

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this program and I hope that whatever school I end up at, that I will also get to be a part of the program. We got to do the Science Odyssey program with the staff at the Gorge Nature house and this was an amazing experience.

Tillicum Elementary School

Carol Mowat

I feel it is critical for the children to learn about local sea animals and make meaningful connections to nature and our local environment. Our Seaquarium and the Seaquarium program has many links to the Kindergarten science curriculum. Each fall, I invite the Seaquarium program to my classroom to do touch tanks with our Kindergarten student. It’s an excellent way to help the children learn how to use their sense of sight and their sense of touch. It is also a wonderful way to introduce the children to the Seaquarium and its animals.

Tillicum Elementary School

I am reaching students more deeply and successfully than ever before

Grade 6-7 Teacher/Vice Principal

Dawn Christie

Thank you for providing the opportunity to work and learn alongside real scientists at Cattle Point. The kids had a wonderful time exploring and investigating the intertidal zones, while gathering information for their inquiry projects. As always, your team was well prepared and professional, even the groups that went out in the rain had a marvelous time.

Dawn Christie
Shoreline Elementary

Mary F. Holmes

In the six years, I have taught with a seaquarium I have seen the engagement factor sustain more than interest and motivation and have made a foray into the uncharted depths of learning/teaching with this microcosm of an ocean ecosystem.

Mary F. Holmes


I never thought I would learn so much until we studied with you. Thanks!

Elementary School Student from district wide severe behavior class

I learned about how all the different animals have a different way of life…(and) how to take care of the creatures at the shore. You need to put the rocks back for their homes.

10 year old Elementary School Student

It is a lot easier to understand how an organism lives and eats if you’re watching it rather than just hearing about it or reading about it from a text book.

Grade 11 Student

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